Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SDG Seminar in Detroit this Saturday - Dirty Show

FEBRUARY 6-14, 2009

STEVE DIET GOEDDE will be exhibiting work and will be giving a SEMINAR on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7th (8:00pm). The seminar will be an intimate slideshow presentation of his photography discussing aesthetics and technical issues involving his art. Audience Q&A is encouraged during the presentation.

Workshop/Seminar info and registration available at the Detroit Erotic Arts Collaborative website at

The mission of The Dirty Show is to promote, publish and propagate erotic art in all forms. This is done in the form of an erotic art exhibition which has become one of the largest in the world. Since it’s inception at the turn of the century, the founders have been entertaining and enlightening the masses with a delightful event called, The Dirty Show. Held every Valentine’s Weekend, the show features a large number of artists, from first-timers to the famous at their dirtiest. While primarily focusing on area artists, The Dirty Show is open to artists from anywhere in the world, providing the work is good, erotic, they can get it here.

Bert's Warehouse Theater
739 Russell St.
Detroit, MI 48207

More information at


FEBRUARY 13-15, 2009

Steve Diet Goedde will be showing a small sampling of art at this event. He will NOT be in attendance.

Kino Roland
Langstrasse 111
8004 Zurich

More information at

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