Thursday, January 27, 2005

What's in a name?

Quite often, something funny will happen because I have the word "diet" in my name. This time, a BOT found my site because of "diet" and sent me this email:

"Hi, I am Elizabeth Smith from MAC Pharma Network, a highly successful online health resource and pharmacy. We have visited and feel that the health related content would be of great interest to our website visitors.

"We have already placed a link to your site under the category titled Clinics and Services. You can access the page where your link is placed by clicking: "

Click on the link. It's quite funny to see my site listed there.


  1. heheheh! that's friggin' funny. ;)

  2. and apparently they have nobody proofreading their links as it's still there almost a year later. ever checked your server stats to see how many referrals you are actually getting from them? could be surprising.