Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bow Wow Wow, Hollywood 1998

Going through some old files the other day, I ran across some photos I took of Annabella and Leigh from Bow Wow Wow. I took them in Rodney Bingenheimer's living room in Hollywood in 1998.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Steve Dieting Plan Goedde

Ha ha! I get these link requests all the time. They never fail to make me laugh...


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If you are interested in a link partnership with me please let me know.

Thank You,

Might as well JUMP!

Miss Conduct and I went down to the Salton Sea to do a photoshoot a few weeks ago. I don't have any of the film back yet, but here's a fun behind-the-scenes photo. I can't remember what she was so excited by, but it does beg a funny caption.

Eiffel Cone

Eiffel Tower with ice cream cone. Mmmmmmmmm...

Shot with my Yashica T4. God I love film!

Back in the USSA

[NOTE: This post was written on June 5, 2007]

Got back from Europe on Sunday. The above photo was taken at my gate at Heathrow before I boarded my plane back to LA. Once I arrived at LAX, I ended up setting off the radiation alarms in customs due to some radiation testing I had to go through the day before my trip. Good thing I had my doctor's notes on me so I wasn't suspected of carrying something more sinister into the country. Seems like there's something wrong with my heart, and my cardiologist is trying to figure out what's going on. Apparently I've got some artery blockage even though I've always had outstanding cholesterol and have never smoked ever in my life. More tests later this week.

Other than that, I'm dealing with jet-lag, but not too bad. I'm just a few hours off my usual schedule, and I anticipate I'll be normal by the weekend. I've been planning a big blog update about the trip in my head but the task seems too overwhelming to me. My trip was so big and varied that I feel it would take a day to compile all the notes and sort out all the photos. I've got a lot to share and am anxious to work on it. Just have to find the proper time and motivation. More soon...

Greece is the Word

[NOTE: This post was originally written on June 1, 2007]

Greetings from Greece! Just got back to the mainland (Piraeus) from a 3-day excursion to the Island of Aegina. Mucho thanks to Kumi and Ostanine for their never-ending hospitality. We saw many ancient sites, ate great food, and did some fun photoshoots. More details later...

More photos at my Flickr page.

German Fetish Ball, over and out

[NOTE: This post was written on May 28, 2007]

Phew! Last night was the final culmination of the German Fetish Ball weekend. Now I go rest up in Greece! All the performances were top-notch. Here are a few stage pics from the most memorable shows. Above, Syren

Jane Doe Latex

BodyCult featuring 86B210

Berlin, May 2007 update

[NOTE: This entry was written on MAY 26, 2007]

Because I had limited internet access for the past week, this is my long-delayed first dispatch from overseas.

My trip to Paris was great, thanks to my good friend JeffC (and his girlfriend Carrie) who had been house-sitting a nice apartment for his aunt. The apartment was within walking distance to many of the sights in Paris. I even had a view of the Eiffel Tower from my bed. With the exception of a mini-shoot with Jeff's girlfriend, I didn't do any shooting mainly because I was more interested in being a tourist (my first time to Paris). I posted a bunch of my snapshots with commentary on my Flickr account. Feel free to take a look if you're interested in seeing random touristy shots, self-portraits, and some of my usual artsy-fartsy point-n-shoot shit.

On Wednesday, I arrived in Berlin. Martin Pelzer and Nola are my wonderful hosts. Courtney Cruz (pictured above) is also staying here while organizing the Syren fashion show for the ball on Sunday. I did a fantastic shoot with Nola yesterday and have a shoot with Ulorin Vex later this afternoon. On Sunday I'm working with the beautiful Eden. Last night was Kinky Cocktails which was the first night of the GERMAN FETISH BALL weekend. Martin posted a few party pics on his LiveJournal this morning. Tonight is the Fetish Revolution party at which I'm showing a large collection of new photography. And Sunday is the actual German Fetish Ball. I have to be careful and not have TOO much fun that night because the next day I leave for Athens to hang with Kumi, Ostanine, and Midori. Phew!