Friday, October 31, 2008


There's a new documentary about my good friend and mentor Eric Kroll. This film has a fly-on-the-wall perspective from which we see how Eric creates his imagery both psychologically and artistically . It's interesting to view the interaction with him and his models and how he gets 'those moments', something I wish I had the gift of doing in my own photography. At first the viewer may be put-off by the amateur quality of the videography but it's quite effective and you forget about it once you get sucked into his creative mindspace. Definitely a must-see for anyone appreciative of erotic photography and how one artist captures his vision without any compromise.

Available HERE

Also, see life through Eric's eyes as he documents his life on his OFFICIAL BLOG.

A Documentary Feature Film by Elia Katz
This DVD features photo shoots and intellectual insight in to the mind of Eric, including many beautiful women in various stages of dress/undress and unusual/absurd situations. Elia Katz films this DVD in a very RAW way. The way that this DVD is filmed fits Eric to a T!!"

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  1. Hey, this is pretty good stuff! Although this is my first visit here, I find your blog and your posts very insightful. Keep up the good work.

    -Alexis Scott