Monday, December 29, 2008

Jessica, Rural Illinois 1995

Jessica, Rural Illinois 1995
Jessica was a good friend of mine back in Chicago in the mid '90s. She wasn't part of the fetish scene but was always happy to model for me. Someone let us have access to their farm for a shoot so I brought Jessica along. I remember one of the first ideas I had was to capture Jessica mid-air on a country road. I tried it one time but didn't feel confident that I got what I was looking for. When someone jumps in the air like that, it lasts for only a half second at most, and capturing that split second with my camera seemed impossible, especially using natural light. So I gave up and moved onto other shots. It wasn't until I got the proofsheet back that I realized that I had actually gotten what I had hoped for. And the truly amazing thing is how relaxed and natural Jessica looks floating in mid-air in that 1/1000th of a second that the camera exposed the film. It was a truly random moment that worked on a technical and aesthetic level.

Detail of Jessica
Detail Shot of Jessica Jumping


  1. Steve,
    I am glad my wife and I found your website! We both love the way you capture the female form in fetish and pin-up form.
    We were sad to see, however that there wasn't much of a response on your blog page. Your postings are marvelous and it seems such a shame for no one to acknowledge them.
    As a journalist major, I am drawn to that approach in black-and-white photography. There are more contrasts in that medium than color could ever provide...the detail becomes quite clearer.
    Please keep up the blogs and events, as we are eager to view more of your work!


    Joe & Pam

  2. I agree, she looks very serene. Its a beautiful picture and I'm very glad to have found your blog. Oh, btw, you have the Cramps listed twice on your music list. I completely agree with such passion for their music to have them listed twice. :)