Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Photographs for June 2009

Ulorin Vex, Los Angeles 2009
Ulorin Vex wearing a beautiful neck corset designed by Blacklickorish Latex. Make-up and hair by Cammy Ellis.

Photographed with my Mamiya 645 with 120mm BW400CN film. This marks my first time shooting with a medium format film other than T-Max.

Nicotine, Mojave Desert 2009
Nicotine photographed in the Mojave Desert in June 2009. It was an unusually cool day. I don't think it got above 75 degrees fahrenheit. That made the trip so much more bearable and artistically rewarding than other trips to the high desert.

Oh, and yes, we DID get out of the car. Those photos later!

Shot with the iPhone and processed with CameraBag app.