Thursday, March 25, 2010

Photo Blogging Sites

Natalie Minx, Los Angeles 2006

As I usually do when I'm not shooting much, I like to go through old files and negatives and find nice images that got overlooked. I've been posting some of these as I find them on several different photo blogs and hosting sites. I like having the public interaction on those sites that I don't get on my official website.

Flickr -
My favorite place to showcase my work but sometimes my work is restricted due to the sexual nature of my imagery. If you have a Flickr account (free or paid), just make sure you have your SafeSearch turned OFF so you can see the 'restricted' images.

Tumblr -
I just recently started a Tumblr blog. I'm using it mainly to show new and newly discovered old work. Tumblr does not have a hang-up about 'dirty' pics so all my entries are easily viewable.

DeviantArt -
Like Tumblr, I mainly post newer work but there is a small selection of older, classic work also. I believe DA also has some restrictions as to who can see what art, so some of my work may not be viewable if you're not a member.

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