Wednesday, March 16, 2005

DVD Reviews

There is no way to tell you how much I love the DVD. I'll have to admit that I somehow doubted your photos could work on a DVD, but this, this is just incredible. I always thought your work had a very much "alive" character, but seeing the photos move and getting to watch you work, really does make things come alive.
- C.T., Switzerland

Wow, thank you so much for this DVD. I just got it yesterday, and it is utterly amazing! I'm not surprised, since all your work amazes me. I just love how it's put together, it's like watching a movie, I was kinda interested in how it would actually work... pictures on film? *scratches head* Anyways, I think it's so well done, and the interviews with the models are awesome. It's so great to hear their side of you and your work.
- Karen, Canada

A love letter to a DVD...
Hello Steve's DVD!!! I must say you are so amazing! What a collection of inspiring work, and all so well put together! The way the pictures come to life on the screen is completely breathtaking... Nevermind all the bonus features, interviews, behind the scenes... wow. Truly an amazing piece of work. It's so beautiful! Wow.. I can't give enough praise for you, my DVD!!! One might think that pictures on video sounds interesting, (like how does that work???) and I was interested in seeing it all put together... and when it was presented to me like it is, words cannot describe the life-like feel to it. I can't stop watching this HOTNESS. It's also a great addition to your viewing pleasure whilst in the midsts of entertaining special individuals... background eye-candy if you catch my drift *wink wink* ahhhhh I so could go on! SDGoedde DVD is my new found love... You should learn to love it as well all you fellow erotica lovers!!!
- Kitty, Ontario

I love my job! I’m hard-pressed to think of a better way to spend a couple of hours than to “work” on viewing this exquisite DVD. This latest contribution by the masterful photographer is aptly titled “Living Through Steve Diet Goedde.” Many reviewers of his work have praised his ability to capture the feeling of immediacy and intimacy on film; this DVD takes that notion a few steps further.

The nine galleries take the viewer on a kind of ambient tour of delicious images of fantastical women. The range of models covers a lot of ground: from long and lean to curvy and supple, latex superheroes, purring kitten pin-up girls, and brooding vixens. The main thread in all of the images is Steve’s vision. As Dita Von Teese says in her interview, “He is trying to look inside you- whether it be a contemplative moment…or (while) being outrageous.” The photos are a collection of Steve’s famous photos, plus archival material and work created exclusively for the DVD.

The images organically blend from one into another, spending time focusing on one part of an image, then panning out to show us the whole picture. The original music was sexy, while not overpowering or distracting from the main content. The galleries with the music would be great to play at your next cocktail party as much as just taking in the stylish beauty all by yourself.

The interviews with Steve and the models are an at-ease and off-the-cuff method of capturing the essence of what it is like to be there at those photo shoots. The models are sweet and sincere, and don’t sound like the annoying brown-nosers you end up encountering on many DVD -extras interviews. These gals are sure of themselves, comfortable in their own sexuality, and pleased as punch to talk about their positive modeling experiences with Steve. Steve is often there, sitting beside them, offering his perspectives with his signature quiet humor and wit.

Have you ever fantasized about being the lucky bastard who takes these ladies’ photos? I sure have. There is an especially dreamy featurette where Steve arrives on the scene of a photo shoot, on a beach with the ocean breezes blowing, a hot ’49 Buick holding a sexy woman in a slinky pin-up girl outfit, with another adorable lady applying make-up to the model. Everyone looks relaxed and playful and once the shooting starts, stills from the session flash before us with delightful abandon. Even though it is a fantastical set-up, the whole scene rings true and honest. The colors are rich and the images are classy, flirty and timeless. Irresistible. Who wouldn’t want to be Steve on a day like that?

- Lucky Lana,

Hi Steve, I received the dvd pack a day ago, and I've only really scratched the surface of its contents but I'm truly impressed. I particularly like the galleries with commentary which, as both a fan and an aspiring photographer, I find far more insightful than a book could be.

I think the way in which the dvd galleries have been put together shows original intention in a very clear way and and creates an overall personality to the body of work presented.
The additional material gives a good glimpse of not only the models you work with, many of whom are very familiar in the photo world, but also the strength of relationship that you have with them.

Of particular interest to me are the earlier images as here in the UK I've only managed to find a copy of your second book; and the more recent as it's not possible to see your exhibitions here.

All in all the dvd is well put together, the images are beautifully scanned and vast in quantity and the disc is a joy to own. Short of having you and all of your work in my living room I couldn't ask for more.
Congratulations on the release and many thanks,

- Simon, UK

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