Friday, March 18, 2005

Thanks from Steve!

SDG Derby Party

This note is a bit late since my DVD party was three weeks ago, but I just wanted to thank everyone that came out. I also wish to apologize to everyone who couldn't get in. The party was at full capacity most of the night.

Photos from the party were just put up on the Living Through website (flash required). Thanks to Perry Gallagher, Charly B, Renard Garr, Jody Cortes, and Stephan Krause for taking the pics!

Reviews of the DVD are also coming in. You can view those at You can also pick up a signed copy of the DVD on that page in case you haven't gotten one yet. Only $19.95! Operators are standing by!

I'm sorry if this message has a spammish quality to it. I mainly just wanted to thank everyone for their continuing support.

- Steve

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