Monday, September 26, 2005

Another Artist's Tragedy

Framed photo of Siege with his mother and brother which was under 25 feet of swamp water.

Last year, my good friend and photographer Siege spent his life's savings on a trailer for his mom and 13-year-old brother in Louisiana. Katrina destroyed their home and all their belongings. He has been in Louisiana with his girlfriend to help with the recovery process.

Siege has created an amazing blog documenting his life and efforts down there since the hurricane. He has taken some of the most personal and heartbreaking images of this tragedy. I highly recommend all to visit the blog and see a reality that you're not seeing in the mainstream press.

For those who wish to help, he is selling prints of his art here to help raise money to find his mother and brother a place to live. There is also an eBay effort from his friends auctioning off various art. Artists donating work are Spencer Tunick, George Pitts, and Carlos Santana (auctioning off his solid mahogany guitar). The auction ends tomorrow September 27.

Please feel free to post and pass the information along. Thanks.

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