Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Miss Conduct and Isabella Costumiere Custom Corsets

Last night, I ended up having a nice intimate birthday dinner at El Compadre (my fave Mexican restaurant in Hollywood) with Dave Naz, VICTOR, and Eric Kroll last night.

On Sunday, I spent my last day of being 40 with Miss Conduct doing a fun little photoshoot at my place featuring some nice new corsets from Isabella Costumiere Custom Corsets. We were later treated to a nice chicken dinner from VICTOR. Here are a few examples.


  1. as much as I'm thrilled to be featured in your blog, I've never seen those corsets in my life!! Hahahaha!
    So, I can't take credit for work that's not mine.
    Maybe they are Puimond's?
    See you Saturday!!

  2. i can't find the delete button for old comments!
    so they're Isabella's ........lovely corsets!