Wednesday, February 8, 2006

My Trip to Seattle

I'm kinda late writing this but my weekend in Seattle was a blast. This would not have been possible without the extreme hospitality of my wonderful hosts Rose Algren and Matt.

Thurs, Feb 2, 2006
The Traveling Erotic Art Show: Madison Young curated a wonderful group of artists and images for this show – one of the best group efforts I've been associated with. The opening was well-attended, and it was nice getting reacquainted with Kevin H, Hypnox, Noel, Madison Young, and James Mogul. It was also great meeting fellow pervy photog Lochai who was in town from Florida. Other attendees included Joelle, Andraste and Miyou, Lydia McLane, and Jewell Marceau.

Fri, Feb 3, 2006
Rose and I did a sweet and shiny photoshoot first thing in the morning. There was an unexpected hole in the clouds that brought about some decent daylight for shooting. After that, we spent most of the day walking through Seattle in the rain. Prior to the trip, I was expecting rain and decided to welcome it as a nice alternative to warm and sunny LA. The rain in Seattle just comes with the territory, so I viewed it as the quintessential Seattle experience. We stopped by Babeland (formally Toys in Babeland) and signed their stock of DVDs and one copy of The Beauty of Fetish: Volume II. We then headed to Charmed Art's book release party.

Saturday, Feb 4, 2006
At 1:30pm, I did a shoot with Joelle. We had originally intended a more adventurous outdoor shoot but the weather was not in our favor. The winds were gusting up to 60mph and the air temperature was COLD, too cold for latex. So we did some nice low-light shots inside her apartment. I promised to come back in the spring/summer and do the outdoor stuff. Joelle was great to hang out with. I look forward to working with her again. When I got back to the base, Rose made a wonderful Iraqi chicken dinner for herself, the pilot and I. Later on, we all went to Andraste's latex party. There I was reunited with the crowd from the gallery show Thursday night.

Poloroid by Kevin H. of Steve and Rose at the latex party

Sunday, February 05, 2006
Oooops, woke up late not realizing that my flight was in an hour. I decided to not sweat it and take a later flight that evening. Good thing! Matt suggested that we take his Cessna and take a flight over Seattle and through the Cascade Mountains. I had never been in a private 4-seater plane before and was excited about this impromptu plan. Within an hour or so, we were at Boeing Field getting ready for our 2-hour flight. I cannot convey the sense of awe at being able to experience this. In addition, the weather turned gorgeous which made the flight even more memorable. Once back on land, they took me to the BIG airport where I caught the next flight back to Los Angeles.

Initial flight over Seattle

Flying through the Cascade Mountains

Rose and Matt after the trip

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  1. Looks like you had a great time working in Seattle. I wish I could attend to events like those. xoxo