Monday, July 2, 2007

Stockroom/Syren Desert Shoot

Some new photos I did for Stockroom/Syren a few weeks ago featuring Justine Joli and Kimberly Kane. We did an exhaustive 2-day shoot out in the middle of the 110-degree desert. Luckily, we shot at an old 1960s house (with pool) which allowed us to duck inside when the heat got too bad.

BTW, Syren is NOT going out of business. They were thinking of closing the Beverly Blvd store and moving to a bigger location in Silverlake. That will probably happen but not for at least another few months. Some people got the information all wrong and the rumors started flying. Syren is doing quite well and even got the costume commission for a major studio movie adaptation of a certain graphic novel which will be out next year.

Oh! Bondage Ball is tomorrow night (Independence Day eve) at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood. I will be showing work along with Perry Gallagher, Micheal Helms, Christine Kessler, and Ken Marcus. Click the link for more info.


  1. I'm such a fan, Steve. You really have the best job in the world, and I am completely envious of the goddess that you bring out in each of these women! Magnificent!

  2. It's a lovely shot - wonderful.

  3. Nice work as always Steve.

    -T. Hughes