Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Glass Slipper

Snapped with my Treo, I came across this nice little scene the other day of an abandoned shoe in a pile of broken car window glass.

Sorry for not posting much lately. I've had that damn illness a lot of people have right now. It lingers and won't go away. I hear it lasts 3-4 weeks. I've just started week 2. Ughh.

Luckily my cold hasn't stopped me working on my big secret project for early 2008. Details will be forthcoming once I have an estimated date of completion. And because of this project, I haven't been shooting much at all for the past 5 months. Besides doing some commercial stuff for Stockroom/Syren/Stormy, I've only done 3 personal shoots within that amount of time.

For those of you who don't mind looking at my non-erotic work, I just put up a new gallery on my GoeddeImages site. You can view it here if you're so inclined to check it out.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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