Monday, September 15, 2008

Aradia, Tucson 2008 (Holga)

Aradia, Tucson 2008
In my quest to bring my photography back to its most basic form and avoiding as much modern digital technology as possible, I decided to start experimenting with a Holga camera. Film, simplistic camera, random composition and exposure. Of course I still have to use digital technology to scan the negs and then save the image via Photoshop™. No manipulation was used here. Even the toning was the result of the RGB scanning in automatic mode.

I had shot Aradia at Eric Kroll's house in Tucson over the summer, and this was my first chance to experiment with my new Holga. When we left, I accidentally left the camera (with the film in it) outside in the sun, and it wasn't rescued until Eric came back to the location about a month later. I thought for sure the film had been baked since the average temperature in Tucson during the summer is around 110 degrees! So I finally had the film processed to see if there was anything remotely salvageable. To my surprise, all the exposures were fine, and there were absolutely no light leaks which is odd since Holgas are known for that.

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  1. So, you inadvertently discovered a light leak fix. Wipe it from you mind! LOL

    Or was this the fist roll you shot in that particular camera? Each of my Holgas is different...