Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Miss B. Havin, Portland 2001

I typically don't shoot much in the winter months. It's cold and the hours of daylight are significantly fewer in number. So I tend to work on other stuff and revisit work I shot in the past. So until it starts getting consistently warmer and sunnier, I'll be posting lost and newly found treasures from the days of yesteryear.
Miss B. Havin, Portland 2001
This is an out-take from a shoot I did in Portland in 2001 with Miss B. Havin. She was photographed in a cool house which belonged to Angela Baldwin who was the hair and make-up artist. The model was referred to me by my good friend, model, and artist Marne Lucas AKA Gina Velour. BTW, Marne currently has an art installation called Warlord Sun King: The Genesis of Eco-Baroque in Marylhurst, Oregon near Portland. Info on her site.

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