Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Photographs - September 2009

I've recently been adding a lot of new non-erotic photographs to my Goedde Images Flickr account. If you're into these pursuits of mine, please visit and add me as a contact. I always welcome any thoughtful criticism. You can also visit my erotic Flickr account for new sexy stuff. If you have an account, just make sure your SafeSearch is off so you can view the nude images.

Holga Pinhole - Los Angeles 2009
(above) This weekend, fellow photographer Christine Kessler and I explored Los Angeles with our Holga film cameras. I shot mainly with my Holga pinhole camera which required me to shoot 8 second exposures. Even though I had access to a tripod, I decided to risk it and shoot the images handheld. I was surprised that the shots came out as well as they did for such long, handheld exposures.

Antique Store, Ventura CA 2009
(above) I also regularly update my iPhone gallery with random captures from the street.

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