Sunday, December 4, 2005

The Germs / Chicago Punk Rock Days

Went to see The Germs last night at the Key Club with Mr. Naz. It was the 25th anniversary of the last show they performed before Darby Crash died. The show's musicianship was great. Unfortunately the set was marred by the new singer's insincere attempt at trying to be as Darbyish as possible. It just came across as annoying and obnoxious. Everyone I talked to at the show agreed. I still I had a great time though. I don't get out to too many shows these days. The last live show I saw was Flogging Molly back in March.

Steve and Danni, Chicago 1985
The show last night made me reminisce about my old punk rock days in Chicago. The photo above is from 1985 and is of me and my then-girlfriend Danni. Her and I contributed the Chicago scene report to Maximum Rock-n-Roll Magazine. Danni wrote the stories, and I took the band photos. We also booked and promoted a bunch of local shows. Soul Asylum was our biggest band. My photos of them ended up being used for their Time's Incinerator album and also resulted in my first nationally published magazine photo - a two page spread in the Village Voice.

Soul Asylum, Chicago 1985


  1. (archie bunker music playing) Those were the days....ahhh yes. hmmmm

  2. Great photos! Please post more 1980s Chicago photos.

  3. Love that Soul Asylum pic... amazing... think I remember it... am going to see em tommorrow and and I am putting it in a collage of other old ones on a cover to a homemade DVD I'm giving them of a show they did in Boston in 86 or 87...can't remember the date...

    if ya want one get in touch...

    I have had a copy of yer photo DVD for awhile ...and will have to get around to watching it soon...

    lilmikesf @ gmail